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32inch CX7 Surfskate board

32inch CX7 Surfskate board

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Experience the feeling of surfing on land, commonly known as "Pumping".

Land surfboard fundamentally changes the concept of traditional skateboard, without the ground by the left and right pressure board to provide forward momentum gliding important truck to provide a large turning range, can be a good simulation of the feeling of the sea surfboard

Land surfing board is extremely practical skaters, love skiing, love surfing enthusiasts green reflection! Common play: Pumping/canving, walking .....


  • Name: CX7 Land surfboard
  • Board size:32 inches(80*24cm)
  • Deck: 7 Layer Maple
  • Wheel size:70*51mm/78A
  • Board type: classic dovetail tail
  • Truck: upgraded CX4 Truck
  • Weight capacity:150KG 
  • Skateboard Weight: 2.9kg 
  • Packing Size:81x27x17cm  Packing Weight:3.85kgs
  •  Bearing: high-speed silent bearing ABEC-11 


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